• Where Research Meets Development & Marketing

    Where Research Meets
    Development & Marketing

    We specialize in finding and testing the right technology for your project, following up with marketing and more testing. Our solid research and analytics really sets us apart from other development and marketing companies.



Internet Technology. Niche Markets. Online Business Plans. Marketing Tools. Trends.



CMS Customization. E-commerce. Multi-Store Multi-Site. Custom Programming. Standardized Frameworks. Responsive Design. Mobile Friendly.



Copywriting. Content Editing. Website Audits. Marketing Audits. Business Plan Proposals. Development Plans. Internet Technology. Marketing Trends.



Research. Analytics. Adwords. Social Media. Targeted Email. Landing Pages. Funnels. Conversion Tracking. SEO.

Web Development for any Application

  • Mobile first websites

    In 2015, Google announced that its Search engine would demote pages not passing their mobile friendly test. In 2016, Mobile Web browsing surpassed desktop. 85% of internet searches are now mobile. Mobile First is a web design philosophy which starts with and prioritizes mobile devices.

    • Google mobile-friendly testing
    • Fluid designs responding to screen width
    • Mobile menus and interface
    • Mobile SEO
  • Achieving your goals

    Our number one priority is meeting your business goals. Whether you are a non-profit organization who needs to increase your exposure and donor base, a retiring individual wanting to start an online store, or a multi-store business needing to integrate your communications and marketing, we’re going to direct all our efforts toward meeting your needs. Think of us as an extension of your IT and Marketing department!

    • Analyizing the market of your business
    • Researching the global market
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Business improvements and consultation

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  • The right technology

    The right technology is the one which effectively meets your project needs. We’ll find and use the right technology for the long term success of your project. We have a broad skill set and knowledge base to draw from. And the willingness to expand our horizons. But we typically start with standard proven open source technologies. Consult with us before you start any major web projects.

    • Customizing content management systems
    • Use of standard frameworks for future expansion
    • Open source means you retain control of your content
    • Tracking everything with advanced integrated analytics
  • Custom web applications

    Whether you need custom plugins for your CMS or an automated workflow solution, Strategic has the programming and database skills to meet your needs. We provide efficient and creative solutions to workflow bottlenecks, website extensions, database migrations, custom API server and client solutions, widgets, efficient algorithm implementation, and complete cloud based systems. Strategic Web Development is a full stack service provider.

    • SQL database programming
    • PHP, Python, and Perl CGI data handling
    • Javascript, jQuery, SASS, and LESS UI and UX development
    • C++, Lynux and Apache server side solutions
  • Robust server solutions

    Strategic offers server side hosting and domain name registration with 99% uptime, full service responsive tech support, and competitive pricing. We use fast Linux servers running the latest Apache software and the standard cPanel administration software. With our hosting and domain services, we provide a single complete source for all your web needs.

    • 99% uptime or you get a free month
    • Variable server speeds and capacities for any size
    • Dedicated IP’s and SSL certificates for security
    • Responsive and knowledgable tech support

Marketing with measurable results.

  • Design
    Website Design

    Where function meets fashion

    We specialize in designing websites which are both elegant in appeal and function to meet your end goals. From attractive landing pages to engaging funnels and compelling conversions, we have your website working for your business, not just as a sideshow. Our creative designers bring a Strategic level of quality and professionalism to every project.

  • SEO
    Search Engine Optimization

    Get found!

    Whether building on an existing website, or starting a new one, SEO is much more than just a catch word for us. Our SEO specialists have been optimizing websites since the dawn of Google Search. We keep up to date on every new update made to Google Search. While scams promise you top 10 positions, we know better. SEO is a continual process of revision and analysis, content publishing and social marketing, advertising and mobile optimization, where keywords are just a start and the future is not yet decided. SEO is hard work, and we’re ready to work hard!

  • Social
    Social Marketing

    Appealing to a growth market

    Social media marketing is one area every business says they need but doesn’t have the time or knowledge to execute effectively. What most people don’t know is that social media marketing is, hands-down, the most effective way to boost your new mobile visitor acquisitions. While you can try to do it cheaply in-house, unless you have an expensive specialist, you might not get productive returns. Strategic provides a middle ground between social amateur and professional expense. Our social specialists overlap their expertise with other marketing fields such as mobile acquisition, giving you more for less.

  • Adwords
    Google Adwords

    Optimized search engine marketing

    For many businesses, Adwords is one of the most effective online advertising expenses. Adwords can be used to target specific geographic markets, boost page rankings, brand your business, and drive lead generation. Using our proven strategies and techniques, we can help reduce your Adwords costs while increasing both clicks and conversions. Unlike many similar online services, our spend and return is transparent, keeping you in the loop with monthly reports, giving you informed control over the important business decisions.

  • Email
    Email Marketing

    Effective promotions and communications

    When used to deliver desirable promotions and informative content, email can be one of your most effective marketing tools. By following some simple rules, like don’t be spammy, using an attractive design, and providing special deals or information to your authentically interested mailing list, your email campaigns can be a regular and inexpensive part of your marketing strategy. We can help you build good lists, and utilize those lists to sell more products, services, or deliver your valuable content updates. We can also help coordinate your email marketing campaigns with your traditional print ones.

  • Analytics
    Google Analytics

    Advanced tracking for everything

    Google Analytics is the core of every development and marketing project we do. Using advanced tracking techniques and customized reports, our Google certified Analytics experts can help you visualize your data and provide important insights from your business and marketing metrics. Want to to where your traffic is coming from? Which demographics are most likely to convert? How targeted and engaging your website really is? Analytics supplies the data. We provide the insights. We strongly believe that investing in your website and marketing without analytics is like investing blind in the stock market. Analytics is key to your success.

  • Research
    Market Research/h6>

    Understanding the value of your ideas

    Whether you are thinking about starting a new business, drafting an investment proposal, or launching a new product or service, it pays to know who is interested and their numbers. What is the best way to launch your idea? Who might be most receptive to it? And how much are they willing to pay? Online market research can help find these answers before you fully invest in your project. And they can give some indication how to launch it and to whom. We use a combination of online surveys, focus groups, and general market trend reports to give you the answers.

  • Consultation
    Personal Consultation/h6>

    Facing the options together

    Not sure how you should spend your marketing budget, or even how much of a budget your business should have? Unclear about some of the many options available now? Don’t understand how to work them together to maximize your marketing ROI? We provide personalized consultation to learn about your business and discuss your marketing options. Let’s go for coffee, or do lunch!

A long list of

Happy Clients

You will find that everyone at Strategic Web Development and Marketing has a client first attitude. Yeah, we're techies at heart, but we're people pleasers too! You won't hear complaints about work not getting done, and we never say cannot to your ideas. Rather, give us a problem and we'll find a creative solution to get it done! Talk to one of our friendly consultants about your next big development or marketing idea!

  • Allegra Marketing Resources

    Allegra Marketing Resources

    “Quinn is very knowledgeable in web development to create the best efficiate site for SEO. His research abilities were phenomenal in finding the best solutions for many different needs.”

    Christal Rusnell

    Contact Reference on LinkedIn

  • Gooroo Technical Services

    Gooroo Technical Services

    “Put simply, Quinn Rusnell is one of the absolute best. We worked with Quinn and he proved himself to be a thorough and exacting developer who knows to a precise detail what needs to be done to achieve a truly polished and outstanding result. Quinn consistently went above and beyond the expected call of duty in all areas. Can not recommend a better choice for your web or marketing project!”

    Jason Binder
    Founder of Glass Art Ecosystem

    Contact Reference on LinkedIn

  • Ken Etheridge & Associates

    Ken Etheridge & Associates

    “Quinn listens to you, and spends time pinning down your personal requirements. He will take you through the entire process of creating your website safely and securely. He is on top of every aspect from the first strategic issues, design, development, implementation and marketing.

    He ensures your website is accepted and fully indexed by search engines. And also so your site keeps current, easily modified and updated. Quinn keeps your Search Engine Optimizations in mind at every stage of the website design and website creation process. He stays focused to the task at hand and always has a number of options.
    After working with Quinn for over five years I would not use anyone else and I would recommend him to anyone.”

    Ken Etheridge
    President & Creative Director

    Contact Reference on LinkedIn

  • Wolf Wenzel Graphics

    Wolf Wenzel Graphics

    “Quinn has been a pleasure to work with. He worked with me on several tight
    deadline sites pertaining to national Canadian medical science conferences.
    His expertise and commitment  to the jobs made it possible to have the sites
    up on time for the clients. I enjoyed his pleasant demeanour and cool head
    under fire while working with him.”

    Wolf Wenzel

    Contact Reference on LinkedIn

  • Coastal Fitness

    Coastal Fitness

    “Quinn, this is awesome!!! Thanks a ton for putting the extra effort into this.”

    Ryan Jobs
    Owner/Director of Coastal Fitness

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